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IVECA team is very excited to invite Colégio Americano Del Sur in Guatemala to our International Virtual Schooling program. It is the first Guatemalan school joining the program. With the enthusiasm from the school teachers and administrators, we believe this project will successfully benefit the students in Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa. An interdisciplinary team of the school teachers, including the principal, attended IVECA Professional Development during December 2015. Now they are ready to become global partners and will be communicating with Bellows Free Academy in Vermont, USA. Each school’s 8th grade class will share their culture and knowledge about many topics, including social conflicts in history and the influence of the conflicts on their countries.

¡Bienvenido Guatemala! (“Welcome Guatemala” in Spanish)

IVECA’s team is excited to welcome China to our program. Neijiang Tianli International School, located in Sichuan  is now collaborating with a  school in Australia. IVECA will integrate the two schools’ curricula to allow students to examine the history of Chinese immigration to Australia and western influence in China.  The school’s administration and faculty are excited to be working with IVECA to globalize their curriculum and expand the scope of their teaching and learning.

IVECA looks forward to sharing this journey with Neijiang Tianli International School.

Vermont Schools and their partner schools across the Globe used Zoom [] for the first time this semester. Students were able to interact with each other in real time and the video quality helped the experience become even more meaningful.

Vermont teachers also used Zoom to have lesson planning meeting with teachers across the world. During those meetings teachers were able to share their screens, annotate the screen using markup tools and text with the whiteboard features. Each participant was able to chat with individuals privately or with the whole group. They also could indicate if  they had questions with a raise hand feature.

Good Job Vermont School of bringing to IVECA new ways to communicate! Let’s become one big group of Global citizens that connect to each other via Zoom.

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