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Teacher Training & Workshop

Collaborative & Innovative

 Through the virtual teachers’ rooms in IVECA, participant teachers in different countries share their lesson plan ideas, teaching strategies and/or their teaching viewpoints regarding intercultural understanding. Teachers’ pedagogical, intercultural and technological strategies will be exchanged to effectively enhance their students’ intercultural competence. IVECA leadership program provides school administrators and specialists with a web platform that enables them to have international and intercultural dialogues on education, facilitating the development of technological and instructional support systems for their local school system.


1. Basic Level

6 ~ 8 hours 

To be able to participate in and run an IVECA program appropriately, understand the theoretical framework in designing a global curriculum, and get familiar to the IVECA virtual classroom platform.  and a video conferencing tool. 


2. Intermediate Level

10 ~ 15 hours 

To be able to participate and run an IVECA program effectively, apply the theoretical framework of intercultural competence and global citizenship to designing an international collaborative curriculum, integrate diverse technologies for asynchronous and synchronous virtual exchange activities.

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3. Advanced Level

20+ hours

Are you interested in becoming a leader in the world of international education for Intercultural Competence and Global Citizenship? Would you like to develop intercultural problem-solving curriculum for Sustainable Development Goals? Join IVECA's leadership program by completing our advanced certificate program and get a leading start in your professional development. Our UN-supported certification process will help you be a leader in international education!

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