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Students from Neijiang Tian Li International School in China and Melbourne School in Australia had a lot of fun during their first virtual hang out. The objective of this live session was to promote socialization among the partners and learn about each other’s country and culture. The exchange happened in both English and Chinese.

Teachers and students are now getting ready for the IVECA Live Class which is scheduled for July 12th. The participants will share their research and perspectives on the impacts of both China and Western Culture in their economy. IVECA is proud to help develop intercultural competency in both classrooms.

Exchange, citizenship and enthusiasm: these were the mark of the eagerly awaited “IVECA Live Class” that took place on July 12th between middle schools in Melbourne, Australia and Sichuan, China.

Partnered teachers from both nations facilitated the collaborative study between their middle school students. The topic of the live session was “Global Restaurants”. Each school researched and shared facts about their country’s traditional cuisine, table manners and restaurant service.

The objective of the activity was for students to develop a comparative lens that will allow them to design an authentic restaurant from their partner culture within their own countries. Additionally, the bilingual environment, allowing students to collaborate with native speakers, increased students’ motivation to continue studying the target language as well as learning about the partner country.

IVECA strives to promote the intercultural competence of young students to effectively communicate and collaborate with people from different cultures and countries.

High school students from International School of Tunis in Tunisia and Noeun High School in Korea hosted their “Live Class”, the culmination of the IVECA program. The one-hour Live Class allowed the participants to share their research about specific issues they identified in their nations. The Korean students presented their findings about the impact of fast food and questioned the usage of artificial intelligence (AI) in their nation. The Tunisian students shared their nation’s challenges including issues related to unemployment and gender inequality. Both schools shared their perspectives and collaborated to find possible solutions for the issues that were identified.

The IVECA Live Class resulted in a rich and deep discussion of important topics that impact all citizens in their nations and the world. Congratulations to both Noeun High School and International School of Tunis for your dedication and outstanding participation. Together, you developed intercultural communicative competence that will serve you well in the future and help to change the world as global citizens!

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