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An enthusiastic semester of collaboration just took place for the first time between Colombia and the United States.

This was a new development for IVECA as the program was implemented in both Spanish and English language.

Spanish class from Hoover High School, Alabama, USA studied collaboratively with freshmen at Universidad Pedagógica de Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia.

The partnership was successful and the USA students were able to use their Spanish language skills with native speakers and the Colombian students developed their English as well.

The group learned about valuable things in each other’s life  and  traditional food. Colombian students made videos demonstrating how to make their favorite traditional dishes.

Colombian teacher, Carolina Guerrero speaks about this exchange of culture and knowledge

  • lmckinnoniveca

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Two schools in PNG joined IVECA in March ~ July 2015. PNG National TV,, introduced IVECA through their special education program.

IVECA’s Global Coordinator, Aline Wilbert, did a great job to implement IVECA into the PNG schools at the local schools. IVECA Team appreciates her passion and hard work for our mission to promote interculturally competent global citizenship for peace and development. We are also grateful for the commitment of PNG educators who made this happen together for the kids in PNG.

This video clip is excerpted from EM TV Online at Youtube

IVECA Team is very excited to invite Jubilee Secondary and Boroko Primary schools in Paupua New Guinea (PNG) in our International Virtual Schooling from April, 2015. We also appreciate that our global coordinator, Ms. Aline Wilbert, physically visit PNG and stay with them to  support their participation. Through the enthusiasm from the school teachers and administrators, we believe this project will be successful to benefit the students in PNG.

It was challenging to install and improve the Internet connectivity of the schools; however, thanks to the cooperation from the high school administration and the donation from a local organization (Salvation Army), the schools are getting ready to go for this semester. They will work with four high schools and four elementary schools in South Korea for this semester until July.

We thank all the involved supporters and organization who made this happen and can’t wait to see the outcomes of the project with them!

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