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K-12 Virtual Classroom

Collaborative & Innovative

Through the school curricula integrated with the IVECA program, students in different countries will perform individual or group projects in their classrooms according to the weekly activity topics provided in the IVECA web platform. The topics will consist of activities such as personal introductions, comparison of school lives and cultures, discussions of cause and effect, and finding solutions regarding international issues. The completed project is posted on the IVECA discussion board and students from each country provide feedback or share their ideas with each other, once or twice a week, in a semester. Communication methods include text messages, images, and or audio/video files, which the students produce with teachers’ guidance/assistance.

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Step1: Set-up

If you are a teacher, student, or school board member and are unsure about how you might participate in IVECA programs, follow the link below to our introductory contact form. We love to hear from new people from all over the world and we are always available to answer any questions you might have! 


Step 2: Preparation

Ready to take the first step toward participating in IVECA's UN-recognized programs? We are excited to make this a simple and easy process! Follow the link below so we can learn more about you and your educational needs. Our international education specialists are standing by and ready to get you on board!


Step 3: Exchange

Have you already participated in an IVECA program? Are you a global leader in education for intercultural competence or global citizenship? Are you excited about growing IVECA programming for a more peaceful and understanding global society? Get in contact through the portal below to start collaborating today!

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