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High school students from International School of Tunis in Tunisia and Noeun High School in Korea hosted their “Live Class”, the culmination of the IVECA program. The one-hour Live Class allowed the participants to share their research about specific issues they identified in their nations. The Korean students presented their findings about the impact of fast food and questioned the usage of artificial intelligence (AI) in their nation. The Tunisian students shared their nation’s challenges including issues related to unemployment and gender inequality. Both schools shared their perspectives and collaborated to find possible solutions for the issues that were identified.

The IVECA Live Class resulted in a rich and deep discussion of important topics that impact all citizens in their nations and the world. Congratulations to both Noeun High School and International School of Tunis for your dedication and outstanding participation. Together, you developed intercultural communicative competence that will serve you well in the future and help to change the world as global citizens!

Caldas Júnior Elementary School and Institute of Education IVOTI made history in their communities. Both schools participated in IVECA program during the first semester of 2016 and partnered with American classrooms. The partnerships were successful and resulted in media coverage. Jornal NH reporter, Paulo Langaro visited the Live Class session on June 8th at Caldas Júnior and was able to see student engagement and witnessed the cultural and academic exchange.

In the resulting article, the 5th grade classroom teacher, Ms. Kusma, states how excited her students are in connecting to their American friends. She said: “one of my students said how happy he was when learning that his American partner plays the exact same game. This detail is only one of many aspects that motivate us to take part in this virtual exchange.”  

Institute of Education IVOTI also covered the event on June 9th, and quoted English teacher, Ms. Wilbert: “It was an opportunity of socialization in which our students could interact with American students, practice their English with native speakers, learn about their country’s history and develop intercultural competence”.

IVECA is focused on implementing the new goals for sustainable development adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015. Since 2009 IVECA has been striving to provide Quality Education through global partnerships (SDG 4 and 17).

Our program brings 21st century learning to students across the World through partnerships among schools. Each educational entity receives a specially tailored curriculum that meets their local needs, academic goals underlined by the global perspective of intercultural competence and the Sustainable Development Goals.

The virtual exchange provides a safe environment to discuss and learn about possible solutions for several world issues such as climate change, clean energy, good health and others. Learning collaboratively is powerful, teachers in a developing nation, closer to the “frontline” of sustainability issues are able to mentor and create empathy with their first world counterparts that are often insulated from the stark realities of poor development choices.

To promote the formation of  future leaders of our society, it is critical to create interactions with different cultures and exposure to the Sustainable Development Goals. If we provide a quality education today we will have better leaders tomorrow. IVECA is proud of being an organization that is committed to achieving the agenda of 2030. You can be part of it too. Learn more about IVECA at

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