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Our Partners & Collaborators

Collaborative, Innovative & Inclusive

For its sustainable implementation, IVECA International Virtual Schooling strives to establish systematic collaborations with key stakeholders of local universities, training institutes, districts/departments/ministries of education, technology companies and international organizations such as the United Nations, UNESCO, and NGOs.

Collaboration with the United Nations System and NGOs

Working Together to Achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Focusing on promoting Education for Global Citizenship (SDG 4.7), IVECA works closely with UN-accredited non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and their committees and coalitions such as the NGO Steering Committee for an International Day of Education for Global Citizenship (IDEGC Steering Committee), Coalition for Global Citizenship 2030 (CGC2030), CoNGO Committee on Education, Learning and Literacy (NGO CELL), NGO/DPI Executive Committee. In particular, as a strong advocate for the global initiative to create an International Day of Education for Global Citizenship, IVECA actively collaborates with the IDEGC Steering Committee along with its' collaborative UN agencies such as the UNESCO New York Office, UN Academic Impact - Department of Global Communications, and UN Alliance of Civilization. 

Partnerships with Ministries and Offices of Education 

Creating Sustainable Quality Education Systems for All to Cultivate Global Citizenship 

As the world is increasingly interconnected, the perspectives and actions of individuals have given more direct impacts on global society as well as their local communities. Exponentially evolving information and communication technologies create greater opportunities for people in diverse cultures to work together from anywhere and anytime. However, while each country races for their own economic advancement, inequality issues have increased in accessing resources necessary for human well-being and sustainable environments. Education should focus on cultivating interculturally competent global citizens who have an ability to responsibly collaborate on any problems to live better together based on the mindset of caring about other's needs and respecting cultural diversity. Such global citizenship can be most effectively developed when it is integrated throughout all learning activities. IVECA establishes partnerships with any school levels and district/office/ministries of education to integrate ICT-facilitated quality education for global citizenship sustainably into the education systems.

Public-Private Partnership: the UN Missions, Academia and Corporates

Promoting Intercultural STEAM Education for Youth Entrepreneurship and Global Leadership

Following the interdisciplinary approach in understanding and solving issues in our local communities and the world, IVECA designs intercultural and global collaborative learning programs that enable students to apply their knowledge and skills in science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) to real-world problem-solving. To empower the students to become changemakers towards a better future for all together in harmony, IVECA employs the UN Sustainable Development Goals as the specific objectives of students' global collaboration agenda and integrates the curriculum with global citizenship that will guide them to develop innovative solutions based on compassion and respect for diversity. Private and public partnerships have empowered IVECA's students to engage their community, get experts' consultations, local governments' recognition and support, and assemble at the United Nations to expand their impact. 

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