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Virtual Social Gathering: Unforgettable Memory between Korean and Moroccan Students

As completing IVECA's semester-long program, Korean and Moroccan students from Jeonmin High School and Eleraki International School of Morocco gathered to celebrate their global friendship on January 22. Despite the limited school activities caused by the COVID-19, students could enjoy learning about each other more closely by joining the virtual meeting room from their home.

Facilitated by a representative student from each country, all participants had opportunities to talk about themselves in details such as their perspectives on precious values and dreams in life as well as their family interest and daily hobbies. Students were surprised to discover that they share many common interests and hobbies. It was shared that many music genre and drama themes touched their hearts and minds regardless of different languages and cultures. Common interests in certain subject matters made the students feel bonded strongly.

A Moroccan student reflected on her experience, "it was a very inspiring experience that taught me multiple skills, such as being responsible and being a good leader. This will remain as an unforgettable memory and my favorite part of my senior year... I am very happy I was part of this amazing journey and Thank you for your time and effort!"



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