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Don't Miss Out: Engage with Global Leaders in Environmental Sustainability!

The countdown is on! As the United Nations Civil Society Conference (UNCSC) approaches, we're thrilled to remind you of our upcoming panel session: "Empowering Youth through Digital Global Citizenship Education for Environmental Sustainability" on May 9, 9:00-10:40 AM EDT.

Join us for a dynamic discussion on the transformative power of global citizenship education (GCED) and multi-stakeholder partnerships in mobilizing youth towards environmental action. Explore impactful approaches and strategies for fostering worldwide solidarity and empathy among the youth, as we discuss the role of digital platforms in facilitating global cooperation. 

The session will demonstrate how different sectors intertwine in creating actionable solutions for a greener and sustainable future. From policy-making to youth initiatives, the panelists will highlight innovative approaches to environmental stewardship and cross-border problem solving journeys. 

With insights from the government shaping policies promoting youth empowerment, academic leaders integrating digital  platforms into action-oriented educational curriculum, and innovative CEOs leveraging technology to scale environmental initiatives, our panel offers a diverse range of expertise and experiences. 

Don't miss the opportunity to engage with global leaders and youth changemakers committing to shape sustainable world together.

Please find the registration and brochure link below.



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