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Join the GVR: Register Now for Fostering Cultural Diplomacy and Sustainable Development

Mark your calendars for the finale of IVECA's Summer Camp - the Global Virtual Roundtable! Taking place on August 6th from 9:00 pm to 10:30 pm New York time, this event will discuss the significance of cultural diplomacy in our interconnected world, with a special focus on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

At the Global Virtual Roundtable, student teams will showcase how their soft power can be harnessed and branded to contribute to achieving the UN SDGs. By building bridges between nations and fostering a shared sense of understanding, they aim to promote a more peaceful and prosperous world. As well, youth representatives to the UN and experts in public diplomacy and UN SDGs will come together at the Roundtable to address pressing global challenges and promote social cohesion through cultural diplomacy. Cultural ambassadors, the student teams, will share their perspectives, highlighting the positive impact of using soft power resources in cultivating national identity and cross-cultural understanding.

The transformative power of cultural exchange will be at the center of discussions, suggesting best practices of cultural diplomacy for a brighter future; as some of the students expressed: "I am very grateful to be part of this summer camp and I am really looking forward to have an amazing session with my IVECA partners and gain knowledge about various matters." Additionally, "IVECA has provided us with another opportunity to discover and have fun through this summer camp program." To be a part of this enlightening experience, ensure you register for the Global Virtual Roundtable. Don't miss the chance to engage with experts, exchange ideas, and contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive world. Join the Global Virtual Roundtable by IVECA and register now!

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