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IVECA Makes the Front Page Story of Carmel Schoolhouse News

From The Carmel Schoolhouse News, Volume 11, October 2011

Carmel students connect with Korean cyber pals: How do you say “hello” in Korean? That’s easy for GFMS fifth graders who were on Rick Bishop, Robin Cohen and Marybeth Magnetti’s team (Team 5B) last year. It’s “an-nyeong-ha-se-yo.” That is just one of the words the students learned from their new Korean “cyber pals” in a classroom nearly 7,000 miles away, when they took part in a virtual inter-cultural exchange program last spring. GFMS students thoroughly enjoyed “meeting” their partners in Korea. Mary Esposito, now in sixth grade, summed it all up in her good-bye message to her new found Korean friends. She said, “We realize that our future depends on growing strong relationships with people in our neighborhood, people in our country, and people across the globe. We are grateful for the opportunity to learn about Korean culture and history but…even though you are thousands of miles away, we feel you are close in our minds and in our hearts. We hope this live conference is not the end of our relationship. We hope it is only the beginning!” Read the full story >>



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