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IVECA Global Virtual Summer Camp: Students Determine Soft Power for a Better Humanity

Students have joined together since July 22 for a rigorous summer camp experience led by His Excellency, Ambassador Hesham Elnakib, Dr. Mariel Friberg, and Dr. Eunhee Jung. Joining from 3 different countries, Indian students, Korean students, and Nepalese students have passionately participated in a series of lectures while engaging in discussion on Public Diplomacy. With the support of teachers and mentors, students are working toward developing a “soft power” in our modern era. Teams will present their findings at the Global Virtual Roundtable on Tuesday, August 2nd, to the international audience and expert panelists on Public Diplomacy, Global Citizenship, and Science.

With the leadership of Ambassador Elnakib, students have taken a journey of identifying their country's “soft power.” At the beginning, students were inspired to find soft power within themselves; each individual has the power to inspire others. Students began identifying their country’s soft power and how they can harness that power to work toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Through collaborative teamwork students are finalizing their presentations with promotion and branding of their soft power.

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