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IVECA and IEGI Celebrate a Partnership of Collaborative Global Citizenship Education

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

In June 2021, IVECA International Virtual Schooling and Incheon Metropolitan City Office of Education East Asia Global Education Institute (IEGI) marked the beginning of their official partnership during the MOU signing ceremony. Distinguished Korean educators from IEGI and the IVECA Leadership Team participated in the event, joined by honorary guest His Excellency Ambassador Dr. Hesham Elnakib, to recognize the meaningful connection between IVECA and IEGI. During the ceremony, the president from IEGI, Mr. Yoo Chung-Yeol, and the founder and president of IVECA, Dr. Eunhee Jung, signed the official agreement between the two institutes dedicated to cooperation and facilitation of IVECA programs to promote education for global citizenship.

The ceremony was introduced by Ms. Bae Min-Ryeong from the East Asian Education Cooperation Department, welcoming the attendees from both institutes. Accompanying Mr. Yoo, President of IEGI, participants included Mr. Noh Yoon-Ho, Team Manager of East Asian Education Cooperation Department of IEGI and Ms. Cha Young-Shin, Team Manager of Multilingual Education Department of IEGI. Dr. Jung, IVECA’s President, was also joined by Dr. Zhen Wu, Associate Director of IVECA, and Ms. Helen O’Neal, Global Coordinator of IVECA.

The event began with an inspiring opening speech by the President of IEGI, Mr. Yoo. He shared the motto of IEGI, “Incheon Bridging East Asia and the World,” as a fitting representation of the future projects between IEGI and IVECA. The goals of IEGI and IVECA are closely aligned, both aiming to foster global citizenship “with values such as peace and coexistence through education.” Mr. Yoo expressed his appreciation to work with IVECA, that “together with IVECA, we hope to plan the future of education for our students and teachers.”

During the event, Ms. Kim Hwa-Yeon, Director of IEGI, explained the multifaceted programs developed by the institute. With a concentration on East Asian education, IEGI specializes in strengthening cultural and diplomatic ties between East Asian countries with their programs that focus on global citizenship and multilingual education. The programs at IEGI serve a variety of age levels, from youth to adults, and educate students and teachers alike. As Ms. Kim emphasized, their institute aims to “contribute to the international community and that is exactly why we are here today.” The partnership between IEGI and IVECA is well suited for cooperation and expanding global citizenship programming.

Dr. Jung shared her welcoming remarks, stating that the IVECA programs are closely linked to the IEGI goals and mission. “IVECA is looking forward to working closely to provide global citizenship education more broadly with IEGI together.” Dr. Jung explained how IVECA’s programs can be seamlessly integrated into the IEGI curriculum “to build interculturally competent and 21st century global citizens.” The impact of IVECA working with IEGI will cultivate global citizenship “to make a better place to live together.”

In his closing remarks, His Excellency Dr. Hesham Elnakib, Ambassador Extraordinary of Egypt to the United States, shared his insight as a diplomat and educator on the future of education. After acknowledging his admiration for Korean educational excellence, Dr. Elnakib expanded on the role of education in “building transboundary peace and transcending conflicts.” IVECA and IEGI will mutually benefit from their partnership, growing toward a “better horizon and better future.” Congratulating IEGI and IVECA for their accomplishments, Dr. Elnakib marked the ceremony as “another great milestone in your effort to spread peace and prosperity internationally.”

MOU Signing Ceremony Video:


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