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[IVECA 2018 Global Youth Virtual Roundtable – Fall] Inspiration and Action for the SDGs

Youth around the world are catalyst forces in making an impact in society. The Sustainable Development Goals (#SDGs) is part of the United Nations 2030 Development Agenda pertaining to education, poverty, health, gender equality, and climate change. Members of civil society, governments, and the private sector are collaborating in the mobilization of the goals and to raise awareness. Youth as #globalcitizens are also empowering other young individuals to make an impact through awareness campaigns and mobilization of the goals.

On November 19, NY-based NGO Youth Representatives to the UN are gathered at IVECA’s Global Virtual Roundtable with Korean high school students in Yongin to share their experiences and discuss the following questions:

1. What does a global citizen mean to you? 2. What actions can you take to improve your community towards SDGs? 3. How can you empower fellow youth in making an impact on society?

Moderator Ms. Aishwarya Narasimhadevara (Medical Women’s International Association) and youth panelists — Ms. Nishat Mirza (Voices of Bangla & iCastNews), Mr. Alpha Diallo (ENDA), Mr. Srinjoy Bhattacharya(NJ Film Club), and Mr. Lucas McKinnon (@IVECAorg)– introduced the SDGs. By demonstrating their project experiences (app development, filmmaking, and the UN newscasting), the panelists shared various perspectives and insights on how students can take actions to achieve the goals. The high school students also presented the action plans that they think may contribute to the development of society.

One of the high school students, Hyunwoo K., reflected on his Virtual Roundtable experience, “I am so thankful to have such a meaningful conversation with the youth leaders who have been actually working with the UN system for SDGs. I wish we could continue to do this kind of activities throughout the year.”


– Organizer and Sponsor: #IVECA International Virtual Schooling – Co-sponsor and Partner: Legion of Good Will – USA (LGW)

Special thanks to LGW for their generous hospitality of the event



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