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Elementary Students Share Solutions for Environmental Problems

Students in India and Korea took environmental solutions to the next level. A group of 5th and 6th grades from Dayanand Paradise School in Rajasthan, India, and students from Taerang and Daedeock Elementary Schools, in Korea collaborated virtually over eight weeks to identify environmental impacts in their countries and explored solutions for those problems.

Indian students shared solutions to current issues, such as pollution, drought, and fluorination. Fifth grade students from India researched the problem of smog in Delhi and other cities of India. The group stressed the need to reduce their dependency on fuel and find alternatives such as solar energy. Korean counterpart, Kim Jiwon, realized sharing ideas and solutions was necessary for both countries, saying: “We have to solve [the] problem together! And we have to prepare [a] solution”. The discussion further developed with Ko Myungbin expressing surprise in learning that her friend’s country is being affected in similar ways to her country. She said: “Wow. I think it’s a serious problem. There is air pollution in Korea, too. If we walk close by [short distances] and use public transportation it will help improve this”.

Also, Taerang and Daedeock’s students focused on solutions to rising sea level, fine dust, and micro-plastic pollution. Sixth grade Korean student Eric Shin and his group shared deep concerns regarding the fact that seafood now contains micro-plastic due to ocean plastic pollution. The group was committed to finding solutions and discovered that an utensil manufacturing industry in Korea has stopped producing plastic goods based on pubic pressure. The kids mentioned that they believe the problem can be solved and emphasized the importance of awareness in people’s daily lives and individual choices.

Working in collaboration, these elementary students showed their increased motivation in learning. Not only did they find solutions, they also shared a positive attitude their ability to make an impact . It is only possible to solve global environmental issues by working together!



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