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Elementary Students Prepare Global Virtual Parties

On December 23rd, elementary students joined together for their Live Class. The two schools, Dunsan Elementary School in Korea and Aryan Public School in India, shared a cultural exchange over the IVECA Fall Semester. Throughout the semester the lead teachers, Ms. Shivani Bhargav and Mr. Byeonghoon Lee, guided the students to examine the importance of welcoming others into their country. Through their work, the students learned to analyze geographical and cultural aspects of their own country and compare them to their partner country. The two schools planned presentations in the style of a “Welcome Party” to share their geography and culture with each other.

During the Live Class, one representative student from Aryan shared that she had “been given this great learning opportunity” and that “South Korea is a known & friendly country to us now.” Also, one Dunsan student expressed how happy she was “to give a presentation and learn about Indian culture.” The principal of Dunsan expressed his hope for the exchange to “be a good opportunity for students from the two countries to understand each other's culture and develop a global citizenship through online exchange classes.” Additionally, Dr. Nisha Shekhawat, director of Aryan, agreed “the regularity of exchange programs like these in future, should be maintained to get the best learning outcomes.”



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