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Brazilian and Korean Students Meet for the First Time

Updated: May 8, 2019

On October 18th, IVECA Global Coordinator Hind El Mimouni held an informal Virtual Live Class for our partner schools in Brazil and Korea. What began as a friendly interaction for these classrooms evolved into a warm, lively session to greet one another and become familiar with the procedures of IVECA’s unique synchronous teaching methods. Throughout the hour-long #LiveClass, students on both sides of the camera (and world!) were visibly jubilant and could barely contain their excitement in being able to finally communicate in real time over #Zoom.

This informal #LiveClass allowed students to put a face to the names they interacted with on a weekly basis through #IVECA Virtual Classroom. Student and teacher introductions were met with great energy and positivity. The entire hour was filled with laughter and smiles!

Brazilian students shared informative presentations about their culture and daily lives, while their partners in Korea gave presentations about their own personal histories and individual interests.

After the class presentations, the Brazilian and Korean teachers spoke about their cultural and linguistic similarities and differences and demonstrated how these were instances that both parties could learn from and be inspired by. Our Live Class participants all reinforced their commitment to #globalcitizenship, the importance of guiding their curriculum alongside the #UN #SustainableDevelopmentGoals, and the challenges and rewards that come from an #international and #intercultural collaboration.

This #LiveClass was a resounding success for #IVECA educators and students. Even with the first live interaction, it represented the potential impact of a 21st Century, interculturally competent, and ICT-based curriculum allied to the mission of the #SDGs and #educationforglobalcitizenship.



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