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IVECA Welcomes New Teachers from Around the World

Updated: May 14, 2021

IVECA warmly welcomes new teachers from across the world to the Spring Semester. We are joined for the first time by teachers from Argentina. Also this semester, teachers from China, Korea, and Guatemala will be participating in the international classroom activities. Each country brings a unique and special contribution to the shared classroom exchange.

During teacher training, teachers shared their experiences and perspectives on Global Citizenship Education and Intercultural Communicative Competence during lively discussion between each other and the IVECA Team. “I love the idea to foster intercultural competence and give students the possibility to discover new tools for a better future,” said one teacher from Argentina.

Teachers were also trained how to use the Virtual Classroom and how to best guide their students in the exchange activities. Teachers shared their enthusiasm and excitement for the diverse partnerships and opportunity to connect across countries and cultural boundaries. A teacher reflected, “I love the idea of using technology, ... and working collaboratively with students and teachers from other countries.”



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