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Uniting Teachers and Students Across Borders for an Intercultural Learning Experience

Teachers from India, Korea, China, and Costa Rica recently came together virtually in preparation for their eagerly awaited Live Classes organized by IVECA. These dedicated educators understand the significance of these sessions, as they provide students with the unique opportunity to meet their overseas peers "face to face" after three months of asynchronous interaction through the IVECA Virtual Classroom.

Toward the end of every semester, the IVECA Team organizes Test Sessions, where teachers have the opportunity to meet prior to their Live Classes and build confidence in their roles as Live Class moderators. During these sessions, educators engage in cross-cultural discussions, sharing insights on their students' progress and exchanging best practices for a successful Live Class for all of our international students.

This term, Costa Rican students and their teacher joined IVECA for the first time, making strides in their global citizenship journey. Meanwhile, participating schools from Korea, China and India return to the global classroom once again, continuing their growth into creative, insightful and proactive global citizens. Teachers and students are working tirelessly to prepare their presentations to their partner countries, with topics ranging from AI as a tool to solve inequalities, to the water problems faced in each country. Students are also preparing their cultural performances, including traditional music and dance performances, taekwondo and traditional Chinese writing.

In order to ensure the success of the upcoming Live Classes, teachers, along with the IVECA team, meticulously go through each step of the preparation process–from the coordination of international schedules, to thoughtful collaboration and encouraging the enthusiasm of their students. Together we strive to provide students with a seamless, culturally enriching virtual learning experience.

As the Live Class celebrations draw near, the anticipation continues to build among teachers and students alike. The virtual interactions facilitated by IVECA have not only fostered educational growth but have also nurtured lasting friendships across borders. Through these Live Classes, students will have the opportunity to showcase their hard work, engage in meaningful discussions, and immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of cultures represented by their global counterparts.

In the coming weeks, as the Live Classes unfold, students will embark on an unforgettable journey of discovery, forging connections that transcend geographical boundaries. With the guidance and support of their passionate teachers, the participants of IVECA are poised to make lasting memories and develop a global mindset that will serve them well into the future.



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