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The Time is Now: International Human Rights Day

On December 10th, the United Nations and Member States around the world will celebrate the 75th anniversary of Human Rights Day and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. As the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (UN OHCHR) states, Human Rights 75 with the theme “Freedom, Equality and Justice for All”, is not just a celebration, but a momentous move forward in spreading awareness and knowledge on the “universality and indivisibility of human rights”. The theme focuses on educating youth to inspire them to create movements of their own, empowering them in their ability to take action. 

The pursuit of Human Rights such as justice, freedom, and equality is one of the foundations upon which the United Nations was built, and is at the heart of each Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). The United Nations continues to make strides to ensure that basic human rights of all people are protected and guaranteed by international, national and local laws.

One of the most recent steps forward in the endeavor includes the adoption of UNESCO’s Recommendation on Education for Peace, Human Rights, and Sustainable Development, outlining how education can be used to bring peace and foster development. First introduced in 1974, the Recommendation has evolved to encompass 14 guiding principles, learning outcomes, and educational priorities. It also emphasizes connecting the acquisition of competencies like empathy and critical thinking to contemporary challenges such as digital technology, gender issues, and climate change. 

In parallel with the goals set forth by UNESCO and Human Rights 75, IVECA Center for International Virtual Schooling works with young learners around the world, inspiring them to actively realize their potential as future leaders of change. IVECA was founded on the belief that intercultural and global citizenship education can change the way learners view and interact with the world around them–from gaining invaluable insight through cross-cultural partnerships, rising to the challenge of solving critical world issues, and overcoming barriers such as language and cultural differences. 

Through this pursuit, the essence of the IVECA programs aligns with both the principles set by UNESCO's Recommendation as well as with the United Nations' overarching vision for a brighter future. By fostering global connections, celebrating diversity of individuals, and nurturing a sense of shared responsibility, IVECA exemplifies the ideals championed by Human Rights 75, contributing to the ongoing efforts to create a world where freedom, equality, and justice are accessible to all.

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