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Teachers Meet to Prepare Live Class

As the IVECA participants look forward to exciting Live Class celebrations, teachers have met virtually to prepare for the sessions. The Live Classes offer the opportunity for students to meet each other 'face to face' after months of asynchronous interaction with their partner school overseas through the IVECA Virtual Classroom. Each Live Class will include student project presentations on IVECA activities, a discussion between IVECA friends, and cultural performances.

Preparation begins by scheduling Live Classes, which requires a mutual understanding of time differences between the partnered schools from across the globe. The thoughtful collaboration between global partners and student excitement make scheduling workable for both sides. Teachers have expressed, "My students are really happy to meet your students in two weeks!" and, "Thank you for scheduling this, my students are very excited to see their partner on the Zoom!"

To guarantee Live Classes' success, teachers with the IVECA team go through every step of the preparation process to provide students with a seamless and interculturally meaningful virtual learning experience. These Test Sessions hosted by the IVECA Team enable teachers to meet before their Live Classes and build confidence in their role. Here, cross-cultural discussions take place on students' progress and best practices for a successful Live Class. One US teacher said, "Yes, I think we are all set for the Live Class!"



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