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Teachers Gain Knowledge and Insights on Global Citizenship Education

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

This summer teachers from Incheon, Korea joined together for IVECA’s intermediate Teacher Professional Development Courses. The teachers were enlightened on topics such as Global Citizenship and Intercultural Competence. Moreover, the value of empathy and collaboration was highlighted as a key concept in an international virtual exchange. With many different needs, each teacher was able to take away information to take back to their classrooms to foster Global Citizenship Education.

From the beginning, teachers expressed their desire to strengthen exchange programs in their own school. A middle school teacher noted, “Currently, I am in charge of global citizenship related to SDGs for the 2nd semester and I hope I can get some ideas for the course. I hope my students will raise their awareness of global citizenship and learn that they are responsible for their own future.” Understanding a teacher's challenges helps tailor the professional development sessions to their needs. IVECA’s goal is to provide a seamless integration of its virtual exchange program into classrooms. Furthermore, a participant teacher expressed, “I expected IVECA would be systematically helpful only from the students' aspect, but you mentioned that it would be also helpful. . . for guiding among teachers and I really like that part!” In order for students to be successful, IVECA focuses on teachers’ preparation and support to allow the best experience for everyone involved.

The opportunity to work closely with teachers builds a foundation of a successful exchange program. All teachers provided unique perspectives on how IVECA could benefit their own classrooms. An elementary school teacher delightfully concluded, “In fact I wasn’t aware of IVECA at all before. But after listening to the teacher’s explanation, I’m certain that it is a great program both for the teachers and the students. First, I didn’t even expect that they would focus on teaching the values of empathy, collaboration, those kinds of virtues. Second, it would be a great opportunity for the teachers who have much enthusiasm for international exchange. Thank you for your support and endeavor.”



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