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School's Commitment to Global Education

Ms. Mija Jeong, previously Vice Principal at Charmsaem School in Sejong City, Korea has successfully implemented the IVECA program at the school. After being promoted to principal of Ssangryu Elementary School in 2013, Ms. Jeong brought her belief in the IVECA program to her new students.  Her commitment to educating the next generation of global citizens has continued to enrich student learning at Ssangryu for the past three years.

Her leadership has empowered the school’s faculty to successfully internationalize their curriculum and student activities.  Managing a small school with only 8 to 12 students per grade level, Principal Jeong and the teachers collaborated with IVECA to come up with creative solution to successfully partner with a larger elementary school located in Washington, D.C.

By combining the sixth and fifth grade classes, Mr. Hong and Mr. Kim effectively ran the IVECA program with the fifth grade class from their U.S. counterpart. The strategy allowed their students to enjoy the virtual exchange with their U.S. classmates.

IVECA’s team admires and appreciates your outstanding leadership and commitment!



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