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Reflecting on IVECA’s UN Commission for Social Development Side Event

On February 10th, IVECA had the pleasure of hosting a Side Event for the 61st session of the UN Commission for Social Development titled "Global Citizenship to Rebuild Sustainable Cities with Eco-friendly Recycling Energy Circulation System." The event focused on promoting global citizenship and facilitating research and collaboration towards clean energy recycling systems worldwide. It featured a panel of experts discussing topics such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, the importance of education in promoting global citizenship, and strategies for waste management.

The panelists emphasized the need for collaboration among stakeholders from the private, public, and non-governmental sectors, including educational institutions to implement effective solutions for building greener cities that benefit both the environment and communities. Our collaborators in this event, the UN Academic Impact and NGO-CELL, and our partners, the 2nd Generation Recycling Energy Consortium: EcoFlame, Dohwa Engineering, and RG2e, have taken such steps and began advancing sustainable urban development.

At IVECA, we believe that Education for Global Citizenship is crucial in guiding learners towards making a better society. Our recent UN Water Conference Side Event, "Global Citizenship Education for Clean Water and Cleaner Energy," emphasized the role of global citizenship education in improving access to clean water and energy and was, along with the CSoCD61 Side Event, part of our mission to tackle important global issues.

We hope you enjoy this video recap of IVECA's CSocD61 side event and appreciate your ongoing support as we work towards equipping students around the world with the knowledge and resources to become proactive and empowered global citizens!

Join us in this endeavor by signing up to our Global Citizenship Education Partnership for Greener Earth here!



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