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IVECA Receives 21st Century Best Practice Award for Excellence in Distance Learning

USDLA 2009 International Awards Presented For Excellence in Distance Learning for Individuals, Organizations and Companies Honoring their Outstanding Achievements. World’s most prestigious distance learning awards were presented yesterday in St. Louis, Missouri for excellence in distance learning to individuals, organizations and companies.

St Louis, MO April 29, 2009 — The United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) presented its 2009 International Distance Learning Awards in conjunction with the 2009 National Conference in St. Louis, Missouri. Since 1987, USDLA has been the world’s premier distance learning association. The USDLA International Awards program honored outstanding individuals and organizations for excellence in the field distance learning, education and training.

These prestigious International Awards are presented annually to organizations and individuals engaged in the development and delivery of distance learning programs. Included in the recognition ceremony were awards for 21st Century Best Practice, Best Practice for Distance Learning Programming, Excellence in Distance Learning Teaching, Outstanding Leadership by an Individual, Hall of Fame and Eagle Awards.

The USDLA International Awards are closely followed by the distance learning industry. “As a premier organization for the entire distance learning profession, we enjoy honoring some of the leaders in the industry,” said Dr. John G. Flores, CEO of USDLA. “Each year these winners raise the bar and exceed best practice expectations for the industry as a whole and we are truly honored by their contributions to the distance learning industry.”

The USDLA Awards were created to acknowledge major accomplishments in distance learning and to highlight those distance learning instructors, programs, and professionals who have achieved and demonstrated extraordinary results through the use of online, videoconferencing, satellite and blended learning delivery technologies.

“Congratulations to Dr. Eunhee Jung O’Neill and every one of this year’s award winners. USDLA takes great pride and responsibility in recognizing excellence and quality that benefit the entire industry. The innovative spirit and leadership of these organizations will take our industry to new levels,” said Julie Young, President of USDLA and President/CEO of Florida Virtual School (FLVS).



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