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Collaborating for Global Citizenship

Updated: Jun 21, 2019

March 26, #IVECA International Virtual Schooling and the Seoul Bukbu (Northern District) Office of Education have signed an MOU to cooperate on promoting #EducationForGlobalCitizenship.

IVECA will support integrating international virtual exchange activities with the national school curriculum, aiming to foster students’ #GlobalCitizenship as well as 'glocal' leadership. The cooperation agreement will facilitate providing intercultural #TeacherTrainingprograms that enable public school teachers to guide their students effectively toward the goal.

"I appreciate the progressive leadership of Mr. Jongbok Seon, Superintendent of the Bukbu Office of Education, and I am honored to have Dr. Utak Chung, Executive Advisor of IVECA International & Korea (Former Director of APCEIU) and Dr. Jae-sung Kwak, Director of IVECA-KOREA for representing IVECA at the very meaningful event. IVECA team looks forward to demonstrating a best practice of #Ed4GlobalCitizenshipimplemented through the global multi-stakeholders' partnership", said Dr. Eunhee Jung, Founder & President of IVECA.



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