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IVECA Establishes Partnership with Bhutan Ministry of Education Intercultural Virtual Exchange

IVECA has signed on MOU with Bhutan Ministry of Education for globalizing the public school education of Bhutan through Intercultural Virtual Exchange. This relationship has been initiated through the joint-project, Intercultural Exchange Programs for Environmental Leadership, with Green Across the Pacific (GATP). GATP is a non-profit organization dedicated to “providing physical exchange programs to improve cultural and environmental awareness and cooperation around the world.”

IVECA plans to provide virtual exchange program on any subject areas including environmental studies throughout the semesters and for any levels of schools including the schools in remote areas. GATP will design physical exchange program on environmental studies that will be offered during vacations for high schools in Vermont and Bhutan.

Both organizations are partnered to provide a program for teens in Vermont and Bhutan in a cooperative effort to address some of the world’s most intractable environmental challenges by developing intercultural and environmental skills and fluency. This will be accomplished through fully integrated virtual and physical exchanges. IVECA and GATP expect students to think systemically about the political, cultural, scientific and economic implications of environmental policy.

The goal is to encourage life long connections and a sense of responsible and insightful global citizenship. IVECA and GATP plan to invite more schools in diverse countries in 2013.



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