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Future Global Leaders Present at Global Virtual Roundtable Event

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

During the two-week IVECA Global Virtual Summer Camp, the students from six countries transformed into global citizens solving the world’s problems on a global scale. Many students expressed feeling that they could not accomplish much by themselves, but after experiencing the Summer Camp, they feel like capable individuals with the power to improve their country and the world.

IVECA hosted the Global Virtual Roundtable (GVR) Events on Friday, July 16th. During the GVRs, the Summer Camp students presented their projects in front of their instructors, expert panelists, and a live audience. Also, as an insight into the real world, the expert panelists shared their experiences working in fields that contribute to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) such as “Clean Water and Sanitation”, “Climate Action”, and “Good Health and Well-Being.” Finally, the students participated in a discussion with the instructors and expert panelists about the future of sustainable development.

The GVR Event was the final meeting for the IVECA Summer Camp. Groups from Guatemala, Korea, Malaysia, Morocco, Papua New Guinea, Tunisia, and the United States participated in the GVRs. Throughout the two-week-long camp, students had been working together to develop their projects. For one student, the summer course “emphasized the need to be open-minded and cultivated about many topics as they all contribute to shaping a wise and creative mindset.” As a result of the synergistic process, the students developed inspiring and innovative projects that have the ability to make a difference in the world and help humanity. For example, students developed a plan to implement innovative water solutions to manage water using a technology called Smart Water Grid and integrating the Internet of Things (IoT), aiming to decrease water waste.

After receiving feedback from the instructors and their international partners throughout the course, groups were able to collaboratively develop their projects aimed at contributing to the UN SDGs. One student explained that through the Summer Camp experience, “we learned how to empathize with the problems of other countries and how to solve big problems together.” The GVRs were a celebratory event, praising the hard work and dedication of the students and honoring the contributions and guidance of the instructors to the course projects.

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