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Elementary Students from Korea Share Fairy Tales with Argentinian Partners

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Can you recall your favorite children’s story? Fairy tales and folk tales are told from generation to generation and have become deep-rooted into our childhood experiences. Although they vary, each tale includes an important message. Throughout the semester, Korean elementary schoolers analyzed famous fairy tales from their culture. On Friday, December 3rd, IVECA hosted a vibrant Live Class that combined five different schools, four of which included Korean elementary schools. All students from Korea, as well as their Argentinian partners, joined the Live Class individually from home. With the support of their teachers, students were prepared and incredibly excited to present their stories!

Argentinian students began the presentations with summaries of famous tales in their culture. The audience learned about Dulce de Leche, a mix of condensed milk and sugar. Legend says this staple dessert was created by accident! The sweet sauce caught the attention of a Cheongryang Elementary student who noted, “the most interesting part about Le Dulce de Leche is how tasty it looks!” Furthermore, Yangji students compared the story “La Urraca” (The Magpie) from Argentina to their presentation of “Red Fan, Blue Fan.” Both stories taught the same lesson to readers - do not be greedy! Lastly, after the reading of “Heungbu and Nolbu” by Cheongryang Elementary, the class made sure to note the Korean traditional clothing worn by the main characters called Hanbok.

The unification of multiple Korean schools created a special opportunity for students. This unique situation allowed Korean students to not only gain knowledge from foreign partners but also learn more about their own culture from different perspectives. Although shy, students were seen supporting one another with a thumbs up or hearts. To wrap up a successful Live Class, farewell letters were exchanged. Korean students exclaimed to their partners, “We are so happy to share this beautiful world with you!”



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