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Cross-Cultural Summer Exchange on AI and the Environment

Excitement filled the virtual halls as teachers from Tunisia and Argentina gathered on July 17 in preparation for the upcoming Summer Exchange Program. With a focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the environment, this short but intensive program scheduled from July 26 to August 4 aims to foster intercultural understanding and collaboration between students from both countries.

During this Summer Exchange program, participants will have three planned virtual meetups to look forward to. These include two lively happy hours where students can freely interact and discuss topics of their choosing. The exchange will foster mutual understanding and friendship beyond the boundaries of their classrooms while discussing important topics related to AI and environmental sustainability.

The enthusiasm of the teachers from Tunisia and Argentina was infectious. Their dedication to empowering the next generation of global citizens through AI and environmental education shone brightly. Teachers expressed the importance of discussing AI and the environment. Tunisian teacher shared, “It is clear that for now climate change and artificial intelligence are becoming interrelated that have significant implications for the future of humanity and the planet. I do think that these topics fit well with students' capacity and already acquired knowledge regarding climate change and AI whether in their Science or English courses“.

The Argentinian teacher also expressed students’ readiness to take part in the program through collaborative learning. In addition, the teacher shared her teaching strategy to encourage group collaboration; she said, “The schedule is quite strict and there is not much time, but it works when I give students different roles inside groups so it is faster and easier for them to achieve goals and not fall behind schedule”. With the foundation laid during this preparatory session, the summer exchange is anticipated to be an unforgettable experience for students and educators alike, nurturing a new generation of environmentally conscious AI pioneers with a global perspective.



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