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Budding Global Experts from Korea and India Discuss Geopolitics

Hanil High School and Mahaveer Public School respectively from Korea and India, met virtually on Wednesday, May 24 in order to discuss issues and conflicts which have persisted over the course of history and still influence international relations. During their live presentations, the students assessed together the historical, economic and geopolitical reasons behind international conflicts such as the territorial disputes over Kashmir or the sovereignty of the Dokdo island.

As real history experts, the students were very detail-oriented when conducting research and sharing with their IVECA partners their possible solutions to mitigate the negative impact of these conflicts on global relationships.

Students found this two-month partnership was a very rewarding learning experience for both schools, as exemplified by the farewell letters they exchanged:

“….we learned a lot about your culture, customs, and especially about you. Thank you for having us as your partner, and we sincerely hope that we could meet again as proud global leaders. Thank you.” “Only a few months have passed since we have communicated by IVECA, and this virtual classroom [live video class] became the last activity between classes…. the time spent together was useful and valuable.” - Letters from Hanil High School  students to their friends in India.


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