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Barnard School Expands IVECA Activities

Barnard School in Washington D.C. has been expanding their global connections. Since 2014, fourth grade teacher Ms. Rutherford has been connecting her students globally with the IVECA program. Even after changing schools, she kept the commitment to global education and brought IVECA program to the new school.

During March through June, 2016 Barnard 4th graders communicated with Caldas Júnior school in Southern Brazil and Ssangryu Elementary School in a rural area of Korea.

During the semester, both classrooms shared connections, shared knowledge and perspectives about traditional stories and the impacts of heritage in their countries. Ms. Rutherford’s students showed the Brazilians and Koreans how Greek culture has impacted the Unites States lives and traditions. Korea and Brazil classes shared how their heritages have shaped their societies. Barnard School is a place where global exchange is active with the IVECA program!



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