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Australian and Chinese Teachers Promote Global Education in Their Schools

Exchange, citizenship and enthusiasm: these were the mark of the eagerly awaited “IVECA Live Class” that took place on July 12th between middle schools in Melbourne, Australia and Sichuan, China.

Partnered teachers from both nations facilitated the collaborative study between their middle school students. The topic of the live session was “Global Restaurants”. Each school researched and shared facts about their country’s traditional cuisine, table manners and restaurant service.

The objective of the activity was for students to develop a comparative lens that will allow them to design an authentic restaurant from their partner culture within their own countries. Additionally, the bilingual environment, allowing students to collaborate with native speakers, increased students’ motivation to continue studying the target language as well as learning about the partner country.

IVECA strives to promote the intercultural competence of young students to effectively communicate and collaborate with people from different cultures and countries.



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