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Argentina and Korea plan and discuss special events for a positive impact on their communities

Over the last two weeks, various high schools in Daejeon, Korea partnered with a High School in Pampa, Argentina to participate in a series of Live Classes about special events in their communities. Students discussed current events in their countries and planned new events to benefit their communities.

Throughout the semester, in the IVECA Virtual Classrooms, students had a chance to share with their partners existing events, festivals, and other activities that are important for their culture and society. However, during the Live Class students got the opportunity to dive deeper into their own communities and plan upcoming events that take into consideration the current situation in their country such as Covid-19 restrictions. Students were very creative in coming up with their own events and festivals, which would benefit their community.

Students from Korea shared their ideas and thoughts about different festivals, devoted to diverse topics on K-pop, Korean Culture, Movies, and others. Additionally, students highlighted ways to protect the environment and care for disabled members of society. Students from Argentina shared their culture by presenting different festivals and events in their country. Additionally, Argentinian students explained how each event impacts society.

Students got a chance to learn more about their partner country’s culture and traditions as well as to discover their own history and culture. As one of the students from Choongnam Girls High School shared in their presentation: “I did a lot of research on Daejeon [city in Korea] to plan the festival, and thanks to this, I felt closer to Daejeon”. Exploring their own culture, getting closer to their own society helps students to develop an important part of intercultural competence - self-awareness. Only after knowing their own community from the inside did students learn how to compare similarities and differences between community events in two countries in appreciation of cultural diversity

IVECA Team is very excited about the rest of the Live Classes to assist in students’ journey to explore themselves as well as other cultures through IVECA activities.



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