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Apply today for the IVECA Spring Semester 2022!

IVECA opens a call for K-12 school teachers and administrators, who are interested in intercultural and global citizenship education and bringing their students beyond their classroom virtually, to participate in the Spring program.

The IVECA program is a semester-long ICT-facilitated intercultural global exchange program of classroom activities in different countries.

K-12 school teachers and administrators are welcome to join this program in order to support intercultural and global citizenship education and give their students opportunities to connect with students in different countries. Throughout the semester, teachers will guide their students to work on the assigned topics according to the IVECA curriculum integrated with school curricula and communicate with partner school students. All the communication and exchange activities during the semester are conducted through the Virtual Classroom - an online secured platform, where participating students and teachers would have access.

By the end of the semester, students will participate in the real-time Live Class via Zoom where they present their projects and discuss topics together.

More about the IVECA program:

** Feel free to share the attached pdf file.

IVECA Spring Semester
Download PDF • 355KB



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