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American and Brazilian Students Study Collaboratively about Energy and Its Effects in Daily Life

On December 10th Bellows Free Academy (USA) and Olímpio Vianna School (Brazil) had their so expected Live Class. The global exchange had as a theme the ways their respective countries have been dealing with energy and its effects in daily life. Both classrooms presented to each other the most common usage of energy and its resources.

Brazilian fifth grader Matheus C. da Silveira shared his critical thinking when mentioning “Brazil has spread throughout its territory rich vegetation consisting of rainforest […]

Unfortunately most of the population does not treat the environment as it deserves”.

American 4th-grade student, Tommy, learned about the impacts of energy usage in Brazil and demonstrated intercultural competency by relating to his peer and comparing geographical differences from both countries. He says: “I am so sorry about the damage. I learned that it’s bad to mine near huge rivers. Your country is different from our country because we don’t have many mines. I hope the damage gets fixed soon.”

After such rich sharing of knowledge, both nations inspired each other by with cultural presentations. Olímpio Vianna demonstrated how to prepare the most famous tea in Southern Brazil called Chimarrão. Bellows Free Academy engaged the Brazilians with American traditional holiday songs.

Congratulations! Bellows Free Academy and Olímpio Vianna’s students are now Global Citizens!



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