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A Semester of Global Engagement

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, fostering global citizenship among students has never been more crucial. The IVECA Spring Semester 2024 was kicked off successfully with teachers and students preparing for live encounters with their partners, the much-awaited Live Classes! 

This spring, IVECA has the pleasure of collaborating with teachers from Brazil, China, Colombia, India, Korea, Nepal, and Taiwan creating an enriching semester for all students through Teacher Professional Development (TPD) sessions designed to equip educators with the knowledge needed for a smooth start.

The TPD sessions supply educators with the skills and knowledge to engage students in meaningful, cross-cultural exchanges. Through these sessions, teachers are introduced to the IVECA platform's diverse features, including the Teachers' Room, which facilitates connections with global counterparts. Educators also gain insights into the Live Class, an interactive virtual event that features student presentations, cultural performances, and heartfelt farewell letters, showcasing students' cross-cultural learning, and connections. By preparing teachers to guide their students in posting personal introductions, sharing cultural insights, and posing thought-provoking questions, these sessions play a crucial role in fostering a global perspective among students.

With the guidance of our distinguished teachers, students began introducing themselves to their global partners, demonstrating remarkable engagement, enthusiasm, and dedication to learning about their partner's culture. These dynamic online interactions cultivate an environment where learners can forge meaningful connections and develop a deeper appreciation for diverse perspectives.

As one student from Korea replied to his partner from Brazil “I think it's a good opportunity to talk to a friend in another country. Curitiba, where you live, is listed as an eco-friendly city in our social studies textbook, but it is not explained in detail, so I wonder what kind of city Curitiba is. Also, I am curious about Brazil's traditions.

With teachers' invaluable support, IVECA aims to create a journey full of learning, engagement, and exchange for students around the world. Together, we develop curricula that foster interculturally competent global citizens, capable of understanding people from diverse cultures and backgrounds and finding sustainable, peaceful solutions to address today's issues.



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