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Welcome to the IVECA Spring Semester

Updated: Mar 29

IVECA International Virtual Schooling proudly embarks on its Spring Semester, welcoming students from over fifteen schools across diverse nations. This semester assures an enriching blend of cultures and viewpoints, fostering an interactive intercultural discourse and collaborative learning environment. By bridging classrooms across continents, IVECA is dedicated to breaking down cultural and geographical barriers and facilitating a vibrant exchange of ideas and traditions among students globally.

In tandem with this semester's activities, IVECA is excited to announce its active engagement in the preparations for the upcoming United Nations Civil Society Conference, slated for May 9th and 10th in Nairobi. Through its participation, IVECA aims to foster collaboration and inclusivity among varied stakeholders, contributing to the advancement of global progress and understanding.

As the semester unfolds, the potential for meaningful interactions and learning among this diverse cohort of schools is vast. The inclusion of such a wide array of countries promises a dynamic exchange, heightening students' global awareness and fostering empathy. By empowering students to effect positive change in their local and global communities, IVECA nurtures a sense of responsibility and agency, instilling the belief that their actions can have a tangible impact on the world. Through initiatives like these, IVECA remains steadfast in its mission to cultivate a more interconnected and empathetic global community.



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