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Vermont FWSU District Schools Connect with the World Through IVECA

Georgia Elementary School teacher, Ms. Sullivan is preparing to start the IVECA Live Class with her partner school teacher Ms. Yoon at Charmsam Elementary School in South Korea

GEMS Students Connect with Classrooms in South Korea June 4, 2013 (from FWSU district’s official blog)

Target 1 – Student-Centered Learning FWSU students will engage in personalized learning involving collaborative inquiry, problem solving and creative learning opportunities.

Action Step –  Increase easily accessible opportunities for global collaboration for teachers and students

Last night at Georgia Elementary and Middle Schools (GEMS) students from three fourth grade classrooms culminated a three-month international virtual exchange with three classrooms in South Korea. The program was sponsored by IVECA (The Center for International Virtual Schooling). IVECA is non-profit organization that is committed to promoting cultural competence in schools all over the world…

“Our experience with IVECA has been a great success! Students were engaged, motivated, and excited about their learning. EVERY student established a lead role with their counterpart and took on new roles and responsibilities while communicating weekly. Smiles, laughter, and joy filled our fourth grade classrooms as they communicated across the world with their new friends.” – Principal Steve Emery

Read full stories about: Georgia Elementary and Middle Schools’ experience here and Bellow Free Academy’s here.



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