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The World Innovation Summit for Education in New York

Updated: May 8, 2019

The World Innovation Summit for Education in New York (#WISENY) on Sept 22 during the UN Global Goals Week:

Sharing the sense of #WorkTogether among educators and students across the globe, we send our great admiration and appreciation to those innovators who tirelessly devote themselves to exploring and collaborating towards a better education and society for the next generations.

As a partner with WISE, #IVECA organized a Showcase and Panel session on “Global Peer-to-Peer Virtual Learning Environments for Innovation and Inclusion” asking the following questions:

What educational approaches can maximize the benefits of the augmented interactivity in a way to ensure the prosperous future of ALL?How should we transform education system and learning environments to be suitable for the 21st-century global digital society?How do the multi-stakeholder partnerships work in implementing and scaling up such innovations in education?

Our very special thanks go to the school community members in #ButlerTech Ross High School in Ohio and Maria Luiza Formozinho Ribeiro High School in Brazil, panel speakers, IVECA’s staff, and youth volunteers. So grateful for the leadership and  #globalcitizenship demonstrated by all the key players in the school systems from the students to the superintendent, school administrators, teachers, and university faculty.

We appreciate #WethePeoples in education could show a case of making the fundamental contribution to achieving the #SDGs in local and global partnerships with all concerned and for all in diverse conditions in the world.



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