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The Start of a New Cross-Cultural Journey

As the Fall semester has now arrived, the IVECA Team is delighted to extend a warm welcome to educators and students from around the world. Embarking on another cross-cultural journey through our virtual exchange activities, we are thrilled to have returning and new students and teachers back for another semester filled with intercultural learning and global collaboration.

At IVECA, we remain steadfast in our mission to facilitate the exchange of diverse ideas, fostering an environment where the next generation can cultivate essential 21st-century skills such as creativity, intercultural communication, and critical thinking. Our ultimate aspiration is to nurture interculturally competent global citizens who are not only willing but eager to work together towards making a brighter global future for everyone. This semester, students from primary and secondary schools across the United States, China, Korea, Tunisia, and Sri Lanka join us in this pursuit.

Our commitment to foster global citizenships reaches beyond our younger learners. IVECA’s university program, Greening Education Partnership, continues to flourish this semester accompanying esteemed university partners from the United States , India and South Korea. In keeping with the UN SDG Summit's emphasis on amplifying global efforts to meet sustainable development goals, these youth changemakers will present their tangible solutions and recommendations for sustainable environments at the United Nations. This event will involve diverse stakeholders including UN representatives, private and public sector leaders, and members from NGOs and civil society.

As the new semester begins, we look forward to embracing the diversity of voices and ideas shared through the virtual exchange classroom. It is in these interactions that we can build connections, broaden our horizons, and cultivate a deep appreciation and respect for humanity.



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