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Teacher Workshop for the Upcoming Fall 2020 Semester

On September 19th and 20th, Dr. Eunhee Jung, founder of IVECA International Virtual Schooling, led Korean teachers through their professional development training. The teacher training course provided the theoretical foundation and practical strategies to integrate IVECA into classroom activities. The training also emphasized the importance of building a global community and motivated teachers to the values and vision of global citizenship education for all.

Teachers were introduced to the IVECA Virtual Classroom where the students will find connections to their IVECA friends and share throughout the semester. The tour guided teachers through the engaging 21st century learning platform that utilizes a teachers room, learning blocks, and discussion blocks for a global blended learning experience. The synchronous and asynchronous learning environment prepared for the students and led by their teachers will lay the foundation for successful global citizenship education.

Dr. Jung and the teachers discussed the most effective models to promote engagement in Global Citizenship Education while equipping students with self-awareness, skills, language proficiency, knowledge, and a positive attitude. The teachers were prepared to guide students through activities to educate them for future jobs and technologies, and to solve problems for a better world.

IVECA Global Facilitator, Ms. Helen O’Neal, demonstrated her seamless integration of the IVECA curriculum into a school curriculum and daily classroom activities. The teacher training concluded with practical and hands-on experience to empower the teachers to build a meaningful curriculum and classroom activities for their students in the upcoming Fall 2020 IVECA Semester.



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