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Students Across Nations Identify Climate Change Manifestations

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

On December 9th, Hanil High School in Korea and Cultura Inglesa School in Brazil had their highly anticipated Live Class. The global exchange had the theme “manifestations of globalization and climate change”. Both classrooms wrote op-ed articles presenting their understanding of these two pressing issues then presented to each other.

First, students were encouraged to think critically, take a side and demonstrate different nuances about climate change and globalization as well as their interconnectedness. According to Brazilian students Gabriel Macêdo and Yasmin Silveira, climate change threatens food security in rural communities like theirs in Recife. As they communicate with the Korean, they shared their hopes and positive solutions to the issues. The students stated: “With advanced planning and innovative techniques, it is possible to reduce vulnerabilities and increase resilience in agriculture, now and in the future.”

Meanwhile, Hojin Yum and Jaehoon Han, Korean students explained how a Korean online clothes shopping mall has expanded globally and their concerns related to the emission of gases with home delivery. Students demonstrated their strong awareness of the importance of self-monitoring and being able to educate each other against over-consumption.

This experience changed the way students think about culture and perspectives in life. Appreciating the experience, Jeong-Yun Lee, a Korean student showed interest in continuing learning about both countries. He says: “It has been of considerable significance to participate in IVECA activities. I hope to run hard toward my life’s goals and want to talk again someday if I have a chance. I think it was an excellent opportunity to experience Latin American culture indirectly”.



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