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Share Your Commitment: #WeCommit to Impact

Updated: Apr 19

To create a powerful, dynamic, and inclusive impact towards “Shaping a Future of Global and Sustainable Progress”, we invite you to join the #WeCommit campaign in preparation for the 2024 United Nations Civil Society Conference in Nairobi, Kenya. Your participation is key to fostering collaboration among civil society, governments, youth changemakers, academia, and other stakeholders to discuss issues of global concern. We look forward to your short video message sharing your commitment to impact!

What should I say in my video?

  1. Introduce yourself and who you are

  2. Answer the question: What commitment are you making for a better future? (Make it BOLD 💥) 

  3. End your video by saying “My message to civil society at the UN Civil Society Conference in Nairobi is…

Post your video directly on Instagram, Twitter/X, & TikTok:

  • Use both hashtags #WeCommit and #2024UNCSC

  • Tag 3 people you want to see share their commitments next

  • Tag @UNDGC_CSO to see your message shared!

Key Tips:

  • 🎥 Shoot your video vertically and against a simple black or white backdrop, using portrait mode or high-definition if possible

  • 🌞 Head outside, or to a place indoors with plenty of natural lighting

  • 🔊 Shoot in a quiet space without loud noises - do a short test video if possible to check for sound quality

For more information, visit



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