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Professional Development Course Encourages Teachers To Foster Empathy in Students

The IVECA program aims to provide seamless integration of global curricula into classrooms around the world. To accomplish this goal, teachers joining the program for the first time participate in introductory sessions of the IVECA professional development course. Through the course activities, teachers build rapport with international peer teachers, discuss the importance of intercultural learning and global collaboration in 21st Century Education, and gain a solid foundation for a successful semester.

In March 2022, secondary school teachers attended the course from Argentina, Korea, and the United States. As for rapidly advancing technology being integrated deeply into everyday life, teachers were asked to discuss a new approach for 21st Century quality education. A participant teacher from Florida expressed how her students have been learning about Artificial Intelligence (AI), which brings many benefits to our world. However, teachers also suggested the importance of being aware of human aspects that could be missed out in the process of AI applications. They shared that the key focus should be cultivating students' empathy and compassion for people's lives.

In fostering empathy for humanity, teachers shared that IVECA's direct interactions with others in different countries will help students build awareness and respect of different cultural values held in various human life and similarities in humanity. "You should be able to wear the other's shoes, walk their ways, learn how they think about life…not only know how to speak English, in this case, but how they [other cultures] think about life and culture in their community and values," said a teacher from Argentina.



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