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Korean High School Students Talk About IVECA for Global Citizenship

IVECA Founder Dr. Eunhee Jung gave a speech about “Interculturally Competent Global Youth for the Sustainable Development Goals” at the Global Youth Summit held on August 9, 2016. Virtually invited students from Jeonmin high school in Korea, presented what they learned by studying collaboratively with partner schools in various countries including USA, Tunisia, Brazil, and Papua New Guinea through the IVECA (Intercultural Virtual Exchange of Classroom Activities) program.

Jeonmin students shared that IVECA provides them with opportunities to compare diverse perspectives of people in different countries and to learn similarities and differences in their perspectives. The program helps understand social and environmental issues in their own country as well as in the world. Most importantly, students appreciated that IVECA enables them to collaborate and find solutions to make a better world. They also learned that youth should keep paying attention to global issues and think about what they can do.



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