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Korean and Brazilian Students Debate over Renewable Energy

Noeun High School and Instituto de Educação respectively from Korea and Brazil, met virtually on Tuesday 22th November in order to discuss sustainable development and renewable energy. Mr. Jonghyuk Keun (Korea) and Ms. Michele Wilbert (Brazil), in collaboration with a Brazilian geography teacher displayed their commitment to make the class successful.

For one hour and a half, the Korean and Brazilian students enjoyed participating in debates about renewable energy, its different advantages and disadvantages. The students exchanged points of view, presented arguments and raised questions concerning diverse types of renewable energy such as hydraulic and nuclear energy. Other than scientific discussions, students had the opportunity of giving artistic performances that reveal some cultural aspects in their countries. As clearly seen on their faces, students were amazed by each other’s shows which opened their eyes to different lifestyles.

All for intercultural competence, this Live Class made students aware of many aspects of renewable energy that concern their countries. Undoubtedly, these kinds of learning experiences  will contribute to raising a generation that is conscious of environmental issues affecting our planet, and that is capable of discussing, analyzing and finding solutions for these challenging



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