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IVECA Supports Teachers in Cultivating Global Citizens

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

As IVECA Fall semester begins, new teachers from South Korea, the United States and Sri Lanka came together this week for teacher professional development sessions to start preparing for a semester full of fun, meaningful intercultural activities with IVECA. While they were introduced to IVECA’s mission towards enriching students' lives as global citizens, the teachers shared greater enthusiasm and commitment to a successful semester.

Through the teacher professional development sessions, educators learn more about one another and IVECA. This session allowed teachers to understand the goals of the program while expressing their dedication and eagerness in helping their students become compassionate global citizens. One Korean teacher put it, “I hope that students will gain a deeper understanding of different cultures, perspectives, and global issues through interactions with students and teachers from around the world.”

Teachers also learned about guiding their students through cross-cultural communication with their global partners, broaching a wide range of topics such as artificial intelligence, natural resources, philosophy and more. Using the IVECA platform, students and teachers can share their experiences and views on such topics through multimedia posts and presentations.

Setting the tone for the rest of the semester, teachers shared engaging posts introducing themselves to each other, just as their students will in the coming days. One teacher expressed their excitement in “equipping students with essential digital skills and tools” to communicate effectively with their partners. Meanwhile, a veteran teacher from the United States shared her gratitude that the IVECA program provides her students in rural Virginia the opportunity to become global citizens despite their remote location.

With educators united in purpose and passion, this new semester promises to bridge divides and cultivate a generation of global citizens who truly understand and appreciate the cultural dynamics of our global community.



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