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Paving the Way for Seamless Live Classes

Updated: Jun 18

Throughout the semester, teachers in the IVECA program collaborate virtually and prepare for the upcoming Live Classes, dynamic, cross-cultural learning sessions that provide students with the opportunity to connect face-to-face. Building upon their virtual exchange over the preceding months and showcasing their project-based work from the IVECA program, students engage in lively discussions. While organizing these interactive virtual events requires coordination, the collaborative efforts of teachers make them seamless and culturally immersive. 

As part of IVECA's comprehensive preparation, Test Sessions are held to bring the participating teachers together before the Live Classes begin. These preliminary meetings enhance teachers’ confidence in their facilitative roles and more effectively foster cross-cultural exchanges.

This spring, teachers from Brazil, Colombia, and Taiwan joined for the first time. Returning schools from China, India, Korea and Nepal reaffirmed their commitment to cultivating global citizenship, further cementing their roles as creative and proactive global citizens. Teachers recently gathered online for the preparatory test sessions, approaching them with passion and appreciation for the transformative nature of their upcoming interactive classes. One Brazilian teacher expressed that the test session left him feeling more comfortable and better prepared.

Test Sessions offer a platform for teachers to thoughtfully plan the flow of the Live Classes. This includes assigning specific roles, such as which groups will present and when, and strategizing the use of discussion questions to promote interculturally enriching dialogue. The IVECA team also works closely with the schools to address any technical needs and provide guidance on best practices. By tackling potential technical considerations in advance, teachers can focus on delivering a high-quality learning experience for their students. 

By thoroughly planning every aspect of the IVECA Live Classes, from scheduling and room setup to content delivery and technical troubleshooting, teachers are poised to deliver a transformative virtual learning experience that transcends geographic boundaries and fosters meaningful international connections. This holistic approach to preparation ensures that the live sessions run smoothly and effectively, creating lasting impacts on the participating students.



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