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IVECA Global Summer Camp Roundtable Discussion

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The IVECA Global Summer Camp roundtable discussions apply STEAM principles to real world problems to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Student panelists will discuss with high level experts in fields of public diplomacy, sustainable development, air quality, and sustainable housing.

The first roundtable discussion will focus on the fields of public diplomacy, UN Sustainable Development Goals, and science and technology. Scholars and experts will act as panelists with groups of youth representatives to present the relevance of soft power and nation branding to foster interest in their country. A final discussion with the audience will address the promotion of a nation towards the contribution of SDGs.

In the second roundtable discussion, panelists will present on the concepts of service learning, community engagement and the principles of partnerships to address real-world problems. Student panelists will share their creative insights and challenges to achieving SDG goals 7, 13, or 15. Experts will provide perspectives into attaining affordable clean energy, the impact of climate change, the protection of ecosystems, and steps to take action with a holistic approach.

The third roundtable and discussion will focus on the use of science, technology, and engineering to enhance air quality. Student panelists will present original projects developed through collaboration with their peers in Brazil and the United States to integrate the UN SDGs and STEAM to address air quality. The discussion between experts and student panelists will comment on the next steps in air quality for future STEAM leaders.

During the fourth roundtable students panelists will present sustainable housing solutions developed through international collaboration with peers from Brazil and the United States. Student design concepts are developed using an integration of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. The students’ contribution will promote the Sustainable Development Goals for the built environment. Panel experts will present on issues such as urban sustainability and housing challenges.

Our world has evolved in the digital era and faces complex challenges. The global populations’ increasing needs must be met with creative solutions that protect our planet. Student panelists will integrate the latest tools and technologies to take action against the world’s most pressing issues. Our expert panelists are on the forefront of a holistic and integrated approach to finding global solutions. A public audience is invited to participate in the discussion with student groups and panel experts in taking action to address the UN SDGs.

Global Virtual Summer Camp
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