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International Students Discuss Solutions to Tackle their Countries’ Issues

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

IVECA Fall Live Classes season started this week with students from Argentina, India, Korea, and the United States. Despite the considerable time difference between some of these countries, students were so excited to meet their partners live that they willingly joined the live meeting either in their very early morning or late evening.

During these live classes, students presented various issues that have impacted their countries and suggested solutions to them. The problems introduced were connected with the economy, climate change, education, gun control, and students’ life. Students explained how these issues are related to Sustainable Developments Goals (SDGs) such as Decent Work and Economic Growth, Peaceful and Inclusive Societies, Quality Education, and Climate Action.

Indian and Argentinian students worked on climate change and pollution. As an example, Argentinian students described the case of Corfo Lagoon and how its waters became pink because of garbage thrown by fishing industries in the lagoon, which contaminated its waters. Students think that environmental protection should come before all other interests. They shared that “.... the city shouldn’t have given permission to the fishing industries. They should have found another solution that didn’t hurt the environment. No matter what, the environment shouldn’t be hurt or destroyed.”

One Korean group of students discussed the difficulties that Korean students encounter due to the extreme competition among high schoolers to get into a good university. Students have to study for long hours and do not have time for themselves which impacts their life negatively. Students came up with their collective solution to build a healthier culture of learning; “Students should become mentors and mentees for each other, competition between students should be eliminated, and students should learn the fun of studying with their friends and classmates”.

American students expressed their concerns about gun violence in New York City and how it affects students' safety. The student group highlighted this issue as a leading cause of death for teenagers, and they found the solution from SDG#16 Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions. To mitigate gun use systematically, students stressed taking active roles as change-maker, “by organizing walks out and protesting… and voting for people who can support gun control, we can help in reducing gun violence”.

The Live Classes provided the opportunity for students to enjoy meeting with their international friends and realize the importance of working together on global issues. One Indian student said that the Live Class was “a fruitful way to get an insight into each other's similarities and differences. and shared “We thoroughly enjoyed going through all the presentations made by the students and their selection of some important core matters.”



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